Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tips to an effective Real Estate Advertisement

A picture can paint a thousand words.  This makes the real estate photography in the business of selling properties a vital part in the marketing strategy in the industry. Advertisers know the power of beautifully crafted photograph to attract buyers. But savvy real estate promoters go beyond this strategy by combining images with words and phrases that sell in their advertisements.

Real Estate Image Editing Business

However, like bad pictures, some words and phrases can go against you in terms of selling effectiveness. There are words that sell and those that fail and knowing what these terms are is important to make your advertisements work most effectively for you.
A study conducted at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada by Professor Paul Anglin, a real estate economist, shows the positive effect of proper words in selling properties. The study proves that some common words shorten the time of selling a product at higher profits.

Note that the extensive use of some words and phrases in advertisements does not necessarily mean they are effective. These commonly used words can even harm your selling efforts and cost you more money.

Therefore, in order to advertise and sell property online effectively, be aware of the terms to use and to avoid.

For your advertisement to sell, spice it with words and phrases that “sell” such as the following:
  •  Move-in condition – gives an impression of immediate and hassle-free occupancy.
  •  Landscaping - makes the buyer picture a well-manicured and sprawling space.
  • Granite - denotes strength and sturdiness of the structure.
  • Gourmet – this term expresses connoisseurship and class.
  • Golf – this sport is associated with high and care-free living
  • Must see – the buyer is not hiding anything and is proud of the property on sale.

Sell to Motivate

On the other hand, stay away from these words because they can be misconstrued and misinterpreted by buyers:

  • Motivated seller – this may be understood as: “You’re willing to take less money so you low your bid"
  • Good Value – buyers imagine you actually thinking: "It may not be much, but it's a bargain."
  • As-is – may hear you saying by your buyers: "It's a mess and we can't do anything with it"
  • Must sell – this phrase expresses urgency that make the buyers suspect why the hurry.
  • Starter home – this gives the impression that the house is bare to the bone.
  • Vacant – buyers will wonder why no one seems to be interested with it.
  • Handyman special – the property needs a lot of repairing.
An astute realtor will not take chances to maximize the effectiveness his real estate advertisement. Combining factors that sell is the sure-fire formula to capture the interest of buyers.

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